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Grey Slate Paving Patio Slabs | 900 x 600 | As low as £28.00/m2 | Bluesky Stone
Grey Slate Paving Patio Slabs | 900 x 600 | As low as £28.00/m2 | Bluesky Stone
Grey Slate Paving Patio Slabs | 900 x 600 | As low as £28.00/m2 | Bluesky Stone
Grey Slate Paving Patio Slabs | 900 x 600 | As low as £28.00/m2 | Bluesky Stone
Grey Slate Paving Patio Slabs | 900 x 600 | As low as £28.00/m2 | Bluesky Stone

Grey Slate Paving Patio Slabs | 900 x 600 x 20 mm | As low as £36.28/m2 | Delivered

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Brazilian Grey slate paving slabs, 900x600 - a firm favourite especially for customers with larger areas to cover, less joint lines, faster installation suits those bigger areas and by far this is the most popular size when areas to be covered are around the 50m2 and above mark.  If you like the large format of these slabs you will not be disappointed. They have all the features like the smaller format slabs i.e. calibrated 20mm (nominal), with crisp sawn edges and a gentle textured riven surface - just bigger in size that are sure to give you the wow factor, without breaking the bank 

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Key features 

  • Thickness 900 x 600 x 20mm (nominal) calibrated depth
  • Subtle riven surface imparting a chic and classy look
  • Predominately grey in colour with tinge of green and blue hues that are amplified in different lighting scenes - less overall variation in colour spectrum compared to the black slate paving 900x600
  • Will look darker and slightly more greenish when wet
  • When sealed there is minimum overall change in colour compared to the the black slate slabs
  • Suits modern and contemporary designs
  • Sample service available to check colour and texture so you can be confident of your purchase
  • Full crate covers 18.50m2 and works out just £33.87/m2 delivered to most UK areas
  • All slabs are sourced from Brazil, imported directly using our own team - buy direct and save

Please kindly read our checklist and delivery sections before ordering as it covers important information that customers will find helpful. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our team and we will be happy to assist you.

NB: Pictures and videos represent colour and texture - size may vary at times


SKU CG9060
MATERIAL Slate Paving
FINISHED FACE Natural Split, Riven Slate
SIZE 900 x 600 mm
MADE IN Brazil


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