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Split Face Wood Tiles | Diverse Model | As Low as £35.75/m²

Split Face Wood Tiles | Diverse Model | As Low as £35.75/m²

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Wood split face cladding is a simple and cost effective way of giving spaces a modern, rustic appeal.

By using cladding you can save money and time but achieve transformative results.  Perfect for sustainable design lovers: every humble piece of wood that makes one of our panels is 100% re-cycled and re-loved, what's more our teak has outstanding resistance to decay and rot, so whether you're looking to add charm to living rooms, bedrooms, gardens or facades, teak cladding has the potential to transform the atmosphere of your home. 

Teak wood is known for its beautiful grain, strength and durability. This versatility can offer endless design options for projects small or large. Our interlocking panels provide a cost-effective way of transforming any space to create a modern or rustic appearance.

Our ethically sourced wood cladding comes in 3 designs, Stripes, Bricks and Diverse.  Each design has a distinctive look to create the aesthetic appeal to suit your project.

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Home décor for everyone - no tools needed! 

Our teak cladding is a piece of cake to install – these panels literally stack together like Lego. A D.I.Y disaster would have no problem transforming their home with this super-easy interlocking system. Apply adhesive and stick in place, tiling the panels together to meet your requirements. It’s really that simple! Be brave. Be bold. A gorgeous home awaits you! 


DESIGN Diverse
MATERIAL Recycled Teak Wood 
TREATMENT Teak oil (optional)
SIZE & PACKS Dimensions full panel: 54 x 20.4cm
Dimensions covered surface: 48 x 20.4cm
Surface: 0.098 m²
Items per box: 10 pieces
DEPTH 10-25mm nominal 
WEIGHT 750 Grams per panel
EDGE Interlocking


Our ethics: at Bluesky we turn boring walls into pieces of art with our high-end teak wall panels, what's more, 100% of the teak in these panels is re-cycled and re-loved. Rest assured, not only are these panels stunning, but also sustainable. We never cut down new trees to create our products. We reuse, recycle and feel a sense of duty to help our planet wherever possible.  We only use the finest teak, from trusted sources.

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      Key Features

      ● Dimensions full panel: 54 x 20.4cm
      ● Dimensions covered surface: 48 x 20.4cm
      ● Surface: 0.098 m²
      ● Wood: Teak
      ● Weight: 750 Grams
      ● Items per box: 10 pieces

      • First class delivery ordered on Friday arrived on Tuesday, kept up to date with my order from the off, top quality slate I would highly recommend blue sky stone as I couldn’t be happier with their service and product.

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      • Lovely product, promptly delivered and in perfect condition. Blue Sky Stone offered us great value for money as well as being very helpful throughout the order journey.

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