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Black Limestones Paving Slabs - Everything You Need To Know

Black Limestones Paving Slabs - Everything You Need To Know

Black limestone paving slabs have been increasing popularity day by day, considering their usage. Keeping the design as minimalistic as possible is the new trend in home designing, many designers and architects are following this pattern of design for the past few years. Keeping this new design trend in mind, we at Bluesky Stone are providing you with high-quality natural stones for your home and office décor bringing uniqueness in the making of patios, driveways, and gardens. In this article, we shall discuss Black Limestone Paving Slabs and what makes them the perfect choice of paving slabs for you.

Black Limestone Paving Slab

Black Limestone:

As the name suggests, it is a limestone that has a charcoal greyish black color. It is one of the most popularly used paving slabs these days. There are many reasons for its popularity and in this article, we shall look at some of them.

Why it is used as Paving Slabs:

The use of Black Limestone Paving Slabs commonly known as Kota Black or Black Indian Limestone has increased phenomenally over the past few years., the reasons for its popularity are as follows:

  1. Aesthetic Looking:

Black Limestone Paving Slabs have a dark color tone that can get along with almost any other color of the exterior paved space. The textured surface for outdoors provides a desirable aspect to the whole design of the structure. It is appealing in looks that give a good design statement.  Soothing to the eyes, these natural stone slabs can perfectly complement any kind of palette.

With straight sawn edges, these limestone setts also provide a uniform and geometric appearance well-suited for traditional and modern designs. Black limestone paving slabs have been around for years, and they have increasing demand considering their neat appearance and require less frequent cleaning. Its usage for outdoor paving gives you a diverse range of ideas as to how you can use it in your space.

  1. Durability:

Limestone paving slabs have been well known for their durability and not just for their looks. Although conventional limestone paving slabs are durable but being able to retain the color for long periods require has been a challenge considering the environmental effects copping with the British climate and erosion due to chemicals in indoor cleaning. Our black limestone paving slabs have been specially tested, and quality assured to retain their black color glow for long periods exposed to environmental factors. The most distinct quality of our black limestone paving slabs is that they absorb very less amounts of water, enduring tough weather conditions. Limestone slabs are extremely durable and a very popular choice for both long-lasting patios and garden pathways. The textured surface and riven profile of limestone paving slabs provide a good grip.


  • Cost Efficient:

Architectural designing trends have seen an uprise in the past century, people have an increasing demand for personally styling of their homes and personal spaces. But this comes with heavy price tags, as the industry for home décor is very diverse finding a cost-efficient and durable alternative is essential especially for paving patios and structures. Our black limestone paving slabs have been favorable for many people, with the most cost-efficient price tag.

Our cheap black paving slabs are not just cost-efficient in terms of purchasing but also in terms of maintenance and installation. We at Bluesky Stone are confident that you will not regret this safe investment. Our black Indian limestone paving slabs are quality assured that are long-lasting and will not require a replacement for many years to come.

Black Limestone Paving Slab

Why are Black limestone paving slabs recommended over other types?

There is a wide variety of paving slab-type materials used such as granite, sandstone, and limestone types in the market. Considering all the types and materials available in the market, black limestone paving slabs are recommended for a variety of many reasons well known as Kota Black or Black Indian Limestone. Since the paving market is quite saturated with competition, we at Bluesky Stone have kept our quality the top priority when it comes to black limestone paving slabs to stand out over all available alternatives. Limestone slabs are generally categorized in the more costly natural paving materials, but our black limestone paving slabs are very cost-efficient with no compromise on quality. The black color brings a unique and strong contrast to go with any sort of exterior or interior structural design. Our material is very well assessed and longer-lasting than conventional alternatives. All these qualities make black limestone paving slabs highly recommended with flexibility in usage depending on your creativity.


Our black limestone paving slab has a very fine surface, it mostly gives a jet-black tone of color when wet and is a graphite color when dry. Black Indian Limestone is known for its smooth finish that is very good for exterior paving. Retaining a shiny surface, it has a unique property to have a natural color that is unlikely to fade and is very slow in aging with effects from weather change.


Our black limestone slabs are available in a rectangular format (900 x 600) and a single size variation (600 x 600), all produced with a consistent depth of 22mm for easier laying. Precisely cut into the given dimensions maintaining symmetry and uniformity when installed.

Black  limestone paving slabs have a wide range of applications. These applications include robust driveways, inspiring patio paving, and pavements in gardens that bring your creativity to reality. Due to its cost-efficiency, it is highly recommended over black granite. Black Indian limestone has a flat and a very fine surface, it is jet black when wet and is a graphite color when dry.


Bluesky Stone has vast expertise in black limestone paving slabs and is notable for its fine quality and good services. Our wide range of black limestones paving slabs is all quality assured with an unmatched beauty. Having a wide network of satisfied customers, Bluesky Stone promises to give you elegance, durability, satisfaction, and cost-efficiency all in our product. Providing the best black paving limestones for you.


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