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Slate Hearth 1500 x 900 x 20 mm | Wood burner | Fireplace | Collection Colchester

Slate Hearth 1500 x 900 x 20 mm | Wood burner | Fireplace | Collection Colchester

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Collections from Colchester 

For folks who can collect slate hearths from our distribution centre in Colchester, Essex, this offer may just be what you are after. On offer are full crate and split crate options - with healthy discounts to boot! 

  • Full crates and split crate options available 
  • Weights shown in drop down menu - know what you can carry
  • For Full Crates - Commercial vehicles only - must be capable of being loaded by fork-lift
  • For split crate or single slabs - Commercial or passenger vehicles are allowed. 
  • Collections must be booked in - quick and efficient process for fast collections
  • Collection M-F 10am to 3pm. Strictly by appointment only (24-hour notice)

Collection Checklist: Link

After ordering online, our team will contact you and help make all the arrangements. If you want to learn more about our collection service, call our team on 01908 46 46 56.

Whilst this service is widely used by trade customers; i.e. builders, fireplace and stove installers, property developers etc, retail customers too can take advantage of this service.  The only proviso is that if you will order a full crate, you must come with a vehicle suitable for loading using our on-site forklift- if you are not sure, just get in touch with our team.

These premium black slate slabs are ideally suited to those looking to create and enhance a fireplace or looking for a lovely piece of slate to set off a wood burner. With sawn sides and gently riven finish that oozes style and sophistication it's little wonder these slate slabs are proving to be a popular choice to both our trade and retail customers. ​​​​Each slate slab is 1500 x 900mm and a calibrated thickness of 20mm and weigh approximately 85 kgs each.

Are you a fireplace / wood burning stove installer looking for a better deal on slate hearths for your client installations ? 

We believe our offers beats anything out there. Stop looking any further ! Yes it is a bold statement, but we like to do things differently..

Read on, there are more good bits to share  - especially the free stuff !

These large black slate slabs are ideally suited for use as a hearth. Brazilian slate is a classic and understated material oozing sophistication. You will not go wrong pairing most wood-burners & fireplace installations with a slate hearth, modern or traditional they are so versatile, benefiting from being easy to work with on-site.

With sawn sides and a gentle riven surface finish that oozes style and sophistication, it's little wonder these slate hearths are proving to be a popular choice to the trade and retail customers alike.

Why not why not chamfer and polish the edges to create the "wow" factor for your client. We have seen plenty of examples of installers doing this and sharing their pictures - the feedback they get is really amazing, more happy customers and more referrals.  

​​​​Each slate slab is 1500 x 900mm and calibrated to a thickness of 20mm +/- 2mm on average and weighs approximately 80 kgs each. They are super flat making them super easy to work with. The full cate of 12 slabs weighs approx. 1000 kgs 

The crate can be easily opened so you can slide each piece off leaving the others in place. The overall crate size and height means it is doesn't occupy too much space. 



  • Brazilian slate hearths - for wood-burners / fireplaces
  • 1200 x 900 x 20mm / 15 slabs per crate
  • Sawn sides, square cut edges
  • Anthracite / dark grey colour - natural veining and striations to be expected
  • Subtle riving surface
  • Crate weighs approx. 1000kgs
  • Shipped from Ballymena
  • Collection welcome by prior arrangement - save £30 if you collect

Not suitable for naked flame type installations

Installation Method

Please consult a professional

  • First class delivery ordered on Friday arrived on Tuesday, kept up to date with my order from the off, top quality slate I would highly recommend blue sky stone as I couldn’t be happier with their service and product.

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  • Lovely product, promptly delivered and in perfect condition. Blue Sky Stone offered us great value for money as well as being very helpful throughout the order journey.

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