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Difference between Brazilian, Indian and Welsh State Paving Slabs

Difference between Brazilian, Indian and Welsh State Paving Slabs

Paving slabs are becoming tremendously popular over the years because of their shine, aesthetic color patterns and durability. Depending on your need, there are different types of Paving Slabs that are available in the market such Brazilian Paving Slabs, Indian Paving Slab and Welsh State Paving Slabs etc.  

In this article, we shall talk about the differences between the following Paving Slabs: 

  • Brazilian Paving Slabs 
  • Indian Paving Slabs 
  • Welsh State Paving Slabs 

    Although the main characteristics of different paving are same but we can a see a notable difference in the color, texture and pattern. In this article, we are hoping to give you a proper insight on these aspects so you can get a better understanding of these differences. If you are still in the early stages of your project, we would recommend you to go through these differences.  

    Black Limestone Paving Slabs


    Brazilian Paving Slabs: 

    The Brazilian Paving Slab is the recent most addition to the market in the United Kingdom. This paving slab offers premium smooth surface at an affordable price. The noticeable feature of Brazilian Paving Slab is that it is densely layered, making it low maintenance and due to this, its color does not fade away easily. 

    Brazilian Slate Paving Slabs
    Photo: Royale Stone


      1. Color: It is mostly available in two colors in the market, either gray or black. The grey color has a consistent silver pattern while black color is a mixture of blue-black pattern.  
      2. Price: Even though it is one of the few cheaper options available in the market, it still is pricier than Indian Paving Slab.  
      3. Texture: The Brazilian Paving Slab is famous for its smooth and shiny surface. There might be some rises or falls on the surface but it is not notable as the difference is only a few millimeters and due to its densely layered structure, it is durable.  

        Why is it better than the other two? 

        • It is more decorative than the other two because of its smooth and shiny surface and densely packed layers. 
        • It has a natural color pattern that is not easy to replicate in the manufacturing process and thus gives the Brazilian Paving Slab its signature looks.  
        • If you are looking for a Paving Slab that has smooth surface, then Brazilian Paving Slab should be your first choice. 


        • As it is not easy to replicate, it is pricier than the Indian and Welsh State Paving Slab. 
        • As the surface is smooth, scratches are inevitable. 

        Indian Paving Slabs: 

        The Indian Paving Slab is one of the first slabs that was imported to the United Kingdom at an affordable price. It is famous for its stone looking dark pattern that comes in different dark colors such as black or gray. With the import of this paving slab, people got a chance to get their hands on a premium paving slab without paying a lot of money.  

        Indian Paving Slabs
        Photo: Perfect Pave
          1. Color: The color range is either dark gray or black. It has glossy finish to it in the black variant with a black-blue color scheme that offers a metallic effect.  
          2. Price: The price of Indian Paving Slab is one of its main features offering premium grade paving slabs for an affordable price.  
          3. Texture: It has a riven texture; it has a dramatic structure that falls and rises in an inconsistent pattern that gives a natural stone like structure. The color pattern is fairly consistent on this type of paving slabs, making Indian Paving Slabs a great option for a minimalistic outdoor garden.   

            Why is it better than the other two? 

            • If you are looking for a minimalistic design, then you should go for Indian Paving Slabs as they have consistent color pattern.  
            • Due to its uneven texture, it offers a texture just like a natural stone. 
            • As it was first imported to the UK due to its reasonable price, it is thus famous for its cheap price and low maintenance.  


            • Some people do not like the Indian Paving Slab because of its rough texture. 
            • It also has zero to none color patterns and does not offer different color variations. 


            Welsh State Paving Slabs: 

            The last type of Paving Slab on this list is the Welsh State Paving Slabs. It is one of the most famous types of paving slabs that is present in the UK for the past many years and was used to cover most of the constructional projects in the United Kingdom. The Welsh State Paving Slab is strong and fits perfectly into place.  

            Welsh Slate Paving Slabs
            Photo: LLD Slate
              1. Color: The color is dark gray or in some cases blue with veins of white color running across it which makes its suitable for many applications.  
              2. Price: The price is quite high as it gets. Welsh State Paving Slabs can be upwards of £80.00+VAT per m2 – so you are buying a top notch, pursued item.  
              3. Texture: The texture of Welsh State Paving Slabs is a mixture of both Brazilian and Indian Paving Slabs. It has uneven rise and fall in the texture but also has a smooth finishing. Moreover, it gives a natural feel without being overwhelmingly varied.  

                Why is better than the other two? 

                • It is incredibly thin, thus makes it lighter and easier to use than Brazilian and Indian Paving Slabs. 
                • It uses a heritage stone making it luxurious and historic. 


                • The only disadvantage of Welsh State Paving Slab is it price. Since it uses a historic stone, it is much more expensive than both the Indian Paving Slab and the Brazilian Paving Slab.  



                An extremely challenging inquiry. Welsh State paving slab has been around for quite a long time and is a worldwide ensured material on account of its legacy status – it's is an exceptionally great stone. Both Brazilian and Indian record paving slabs are exceptional with regards to cost. Both of these paving slabs actually look extraordinary and have every one of the pursued qualities of a Welsh record, however they are basically imported.  


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