Custom Made Slate hearths - How it works - Get a Quote

We recognise that our range of ready made slate hearths may not always meet the requirements for some projects. 

You may require a more "custom made" or "bespoke solution" to complete the look and design you require for your project. This is where our partnership with a fabrication partner opens up so many options.

Request a quote 

To begin the process, simply send an email to 

  1. Provide as much detail as possible in terms of what you require.
  2. Attaching a drawing / sketch if possible would be super helpful
  3. We will engage our fabrication partner and return back with a quote.

Examples of finished work

T Shape

T Shape Slate Hearth 

D Shape / Half Moon

D Shape Slate Hearth


Tear Drop

Tear Drop Slate Hearth

Working with a Fabrication Partner

After receiving slate from ourselves, our fabrication partner will :

  1. Invoice you directly 
  2. Fabricate the order to the agreed specification 
  3. Organise delivery with your directly - delivering on their own vehicle or via a a third party logistics company
  4. If you require installation, in most cases this can also be offered (additional charges will apply)

Keeping it Simple 
We want the process to be super simple for our customers. Once you have approved the quote, our fabrication partner will handle the entire process. A single point of contact for all your needs.


    1. Extensive range of customisation options to suit almost any type of project 
    2. Competitive pricing and quick turnaround 
    3. A full end to end service including installation (if required)
    4. Nationwide coverage - most areas of the country can be serviced
    5. A single point of contact and a one stop shop for all your needs