Pre-order now, pay later

How can I reserve stock due to arrive ?

Our pre order feature is designed to help customers secure stock from the "actual containers" that are scheduled to arrive. There are 3 key benefits 

  • Risk free  - no money down, cancel anytime  - there is nothing to pay until stock is just a few days away from arriving at our warehouse, simply choose the pre order now, pay later option during the checkout process. You can also cancel the order anytime up until the stock has arrived and before it is despatched. If the order is not paid for soon after the stock has landed, we will cancel the order so we can release the stock for other customers to purchase  
  • Accurate stock arrival dates - as you are buying stock from containers that are on their way, the ETA's are reasonably accurate. Of course there could be delays outside our control but we will keep you informed of these should they arise. 
  • Price locked in - given the current situation with very volatile import costs which has a direct impact on the selling prices, we have decided to use a more dynamic pricing approach so we can offer our customers the best deal possible. What this means in simple terms is that the crate price is likely to vary crate from container to container, you will see this crate price  assigned to each container carrying the stock. Our customers can be assured that our pricing will remain competitive at all times. 

Watch the video for a walkthrough of how this feature works - if you need any help or advice please do not hesitate to contact our team on 01908 46 46 56 anytime.

Quick glance

  1. Go to the "Arriving soon - reserve now" category on the main menu
  2. Check the containers / products that are due to arrive 
  3. Use the pre order feature to secure the crate(s) - you can do this online or call our team who will be happy to process the order for you
  4. If you use the "pre order - pay later option" you will not need to provide any payment information, your crates will still be allocated
  5. You will receive an order confirmation by email 
  6. Our team will contact you a few days before the stock is due to complete the order and prepare for delivery.