Slate Hearth Collection Checklist

These guidelines are to manage expectations pertaining to the collection of slate hearths from our warehouse in Milton Keynes or Colchester.  

In most cases collections are made without any issues but there are some circumstances where this may not be possible.

Please review the notes below so you are familiar with the process and feel free to contact us on 01908 46 46 56 if you have any queries BEFORE your collection date 

Commercial vehicle - Forklift loading 

  • Assuming you have the space, we will typically load using our onsite forklift 
  • The hearth will be on a pallet 
  • Customer assistance for loading is not required 

Passenger Vehicles (Cars / SUV etc) - manual loading 

  • Each slab weighs approx. 65kgs (1200x900) / 80kgs (1500x900)
  • You must be able to assist our warehouse manager to lift and slide the hearth into your vehicle - we can provide work gloves if needed
  • The boot opening must be wide enough with sufficient clearance on either side so the slab can be loaded straight in without tilting or turning. The slab is loaded with the 90cm side going in first.


Our warehouse manager under certain circumstances may not be able to assist if it is felt that the following could occur

1. There is a risk of injury to himself or the customer 

2. There is a risk to damage to the customer’s vehicle