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Slate Hearth 1200 x 900 x 20 mm | Wood burner | Fireplace | Delivered

Slate Hearth 1200 x 900 x 20 mm | Wood burner | Fireplace | Delivered

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These large black slate slabs are ideally suited to those looking to create a enhance a fireplace or looking for a lovely piece of slate to set off a wood burner. With sawn sides and gently riven finish that oozes style and sophistication it's little wonder these slate slabs are proving to be a popular choice to both our trade and retail customers. ​​​​Each slate slab is 1200 x 900mm and a calibrated thickness of 20mm and weigh approximately 70 kgs each.

Our partnership with our friends in Brazil goes back many years, during this time we have invested in people and production. The results of this investment over the years means we can provide our customers with a better-quality product at a lower price. 

Sample service  

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NB: Pictures and videos represent colour and texture - size may vary at times


SKU EB12090
COLOUR Anthracite / dark grey colour - natural veining and striations can exist
FINISHED FACE Subtle Riven Slate
SIZE 1200 x 900 mm
THICKNESS 20mm (nominal)
MADE IN Brazil 


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    Key Features

    ● Size 1200 x 900 x 20mm (nominal) - large slab to avoid
    ● Straight cut, diamond sawn edges
    ● Subtle riven surface imparting a chic and classy look
    ● Anthracite / dark grey colour - natural veining and
    striations can exist, it's all in keeping with the character,
    see last picture for variations that can exist
    ● Will look darker when sealed and tonal colour variations
    will show up more vividly
    ● Ideally suited for use as a fireplace hearth and for
    supporting a wood burner
    ● Always consult a qualified professional for suitability
    ● Sample service available to check colour and texture so
    you can be confident of your purchase
    ● All slabs are sourced from Brazil, imported directly using
    our own team - buy direct and save

    • First class delivery ordered on Friday arrived on Tuesday, kept up to date with my order from the off, top quality slate I would highly recommend blue sky stone as I couldn’t be happier with their service and product.

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    • Lovely product, promptly delivered and in perfect condition. Blue Sky Stone offered us great value for money as well as being very helpful throughout the order journey.

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