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Brazilian Grey Slate Paving Patio Slabs | 600 x 300 x 15 mm | Collection Colchester, £22.87/m2

Brazilian Grey Slate Paving Patio Slabs | 600 x 300 x 15 mm | Collection Colchester, £22.87/m2

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Collections from Milton Keynes

For folks who can collect paving from our distribution centre in Colchester, Essex, this offer may just be what you are after. 

  • Full crates only 
  • Weights and coverage shown in drop down menu - know what you can carry
  • Commercial vehicles only - must be capable of being loaded by fork-lift
  • Collections must be booked in - quick and efficient process for fast collections
  • Collection M-F 10am to 3pm Strictly by appointment only (24-hour notice)

After ordering paving to be collected, our team will contact you and help make all the arrangements. If you want to learn more about our collection service, call our team on 01908 46 46 56.

Whilst this service is widely used by trade customers; i.e. builders, landscapers, property developers etc, retail customers too can take advantage of this service.  The only proviso is that you come with a vehicle suitable for fork-lift loading - if you are not sure, just get in touch with our team. 

Sample service  

To order a small sample of this product please click here 

Product Overview 

Brazilian Grey Slate Paving Slabs 600 x 300 x15mm, these uber cool slabs will give you that premium slate look without breaking the bank. They are of course machined on the underside to create a very consistent 15mm (nominal) depth for super fast installation, these slabs have crisp sawn sides with a gently textured riven surface. Very premium and will be sure to transform any living space.

I am not able to collect, can you arrange delivery? Sure, please have a look at the delivered options, you can find them grey slate 600 x 300 delivered.

Video review 

Note sure which colour to choose - Black or Grey ? Check out this video where we walk you through the differences so you can make a more informed choice

Please kindly read our checklist and delivery sections before ordering as it covers important information that customers will find helpful. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our team and we will be happy to assist you.

NB: Pictures and videos represent colour and texture - size may vary at times


STONE VARIETIES Grey Slate Paving 
COLOUR Grey / Blue can sometimes look Grey / Green in some lighting conditions 
MATERIAL Brazilian Slate
FINISHED FACE Natural split, riven slate
SIZE & PACKS 600 x 300mm / 136 slabs covers 25.34m2 (10mm joint approx.)
THICKNESS 15mm (nominal)
MADE IN Brazil


Key Features

● Thickness 600 x 300 x 15mm calibrated thickness
● Full crate holds 136 slabs, covers 25.34m2 (assumes
joint of approx. 10mm)
● Install on a full bed of mortar
● Subtle riven surface imparting a chic and classy look
● Grey / Grey Blue and will look grey / green in some
lighting conditions - has a much more consistent overall
colour tone compared to the darker Black slate
● Will look darker when wet and tonal colour variations
will show up more vividly
● Suits modern and contemporary designs
● All slabs are sourced from Brazil, imported directly using
our own team - buy direct and save

Installation Method

This may need to be laid over a sub-base (strengthening layer) of crushed stone or hardcore.

We don’t prescribe a solution per se as contractors may alter these according to project needs but as a guide its typically installed on full bed of mortar sometimes referred to as individual bedding. The mortar bed is laid on top of compacted hard core (MOT) which can range from 100mm to 150mm on average.

Please always seek advice from a professional contractor as our notes are simply to serve as a general guide and are not project specific.

  • First class delivery ordered on Friday arrived on Tuesday, kept up to date with my order from the off, top quality slate I would highly recommend blue sky stone as I couldn’t be happier with their service and product.

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  • Lovely product, promptly delivered and in perfect condition. Blue Sky Stone offered us great value for money as well as being very helpful throughout the order journey.

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