Using the power of video to drive more leads

  • “Thank you very much for the social media video.  We have now uploaded it to our social media page, asking for feedback from our followers:-)

    We are over the moon with the outcome.  We have a company who have reached out to us, asking if they could get one made to boost their social media page and possibly use you guys for their future posts”.

    McGran’s Landscapes

    Basildon, Essex

  • "Great communication, video was sent within the 3 day timeframe as agreed. Video stands right out and can't wait to start advertising it" Sammi - Owner

    TJ Landscapes

    Leighton Buzzard

  • The video you sent is perfect and here is my testimonial. " I was contacted by the company offering to do us a free video. After receiving and viewing the video, I was delighted with the results, great work and great service. Thanks for the amazing video, can't wait to use it to advertise our business would definitely recommend to any other businesses looking to get an advertising video made."

    Property Pro's Dorset LTD


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What’s the catch?

In a word goodwill.

If we can help drive more leads to your business, it creates goodwill. We are confident that this will ultimately be a win-win for all of us.

We are on a mission to help as many landscapers as we can by delivering real value.
We are looking to build relationships not transactions.


Would you like to know more about how we can help landscapers? We are not an "ordinary" paving company. Our approach is designed around a win-win model.

Welcome to a new way of working together. Please get in touch for an informal chat.

100% peace of mind

You can be confident working with us is not being tied into any contracts.

Work with us because it makes sense - its an investment not a cost.

This seems too good to be true - what's the back story?

We thought having to explain this would sound like we are blowing our own trumpet! However, because we get asked this quite a lot, we felt some context would help.

Firstly, we understand landscapers - as a stone importer this is not a surprise. We get a first-hand account of what it's like running a landscape business - the pros and cons and everything in between. 

Secondly, we understand the struggles of running a small business. Bluesky Stone was established in 2004 by Ravi Leo Onthriar. For many years it operated as a one-man band. A service like deleg8 was not available back then to help business owners access help in a way that made it both accessible and affordable - if only!

Thirdly - as we have grown and scaled our own businesses, we have learned many things along the way. We have established a very efficient back-office team across multiple locations and countries. We have also setup our own in house social media team who manage our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Working with deleg8 means you are working with our in-house social media. A team of taleneted content creators.

Your success underpins our success - we see the help we offer as good business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a website ?

No - but if you did you could upload the video on their too.

Why do I need a Facebook Page

So that you have a platform to share the video and engage prospective clients. For local businesses Facebook is the best source to showcase the personality of your business

What if I don't use your products ?

Any social media content you would like us to produce would be charged. There is no charge if the content relates to products you have purchased from Bluesky

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