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What’s the catch?

We want to build trust in the landscape community - we hope by doing a good job and delivering something of real value, you won't mind providing a testimonial in return if you are happy with what we have done.

Of course, we would love to work with you further down the line - but only when you are ready. We want to work with landscapers where we can make a real difference and only if the “fit” is right.

We have built this service from the ground up and truly believe this service is a game changer for landscapers. Not only can we manage your social media, we can help you with all those dreaded admin tasks that often eat into the evenings and weekends. Our in-house team is made up of social media and customer service experts.

This seems too good to be true - what's the back story?

We thought having to explain this would sound like we are blowing our own trumpet! However, because we get asked this quite a lot, we felt some context would help.

Firstly, we understand landscapers - as a stone importer this is not a surprise. We get a first-hand account of what it's like running a landscape business - the pros and cons and everything in between. 

Secondly, we understand the struggles of running a small business. Bluesky Stone was established in 2004 by Ravi Leo Onthriar. For many years it operated as a one-man band. A service like deleg8 was not available back then to help business owners access help in a way that made it both accessible and affordable - if only!

Thirdly - as we have grown and scaled our own businesses, we have learned many things along the way. We have established a very efficient back-office team across multiple locations and countries. We have also setup our own in house social media team who manage our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Working with deleg8 means you are working with our in-house social media and admin teams. We can do for you what we do for ourselves. Because you are using our in-house team - the costs of running this deleg8 is heavily subsidised.

That’s how we do it in a nutshell! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you offering 1 month for Free?

We believe in trust. We are offering a month for free because we believe we can add value to your business

What if I don't use all my hours from the package?

This package runs like a phone contract. The hours are available whether they are used or not.

Will I get a report from the work you've done?

Yes, each week you will receive a detailed report of what work has been carried out.

How do I give you my Workload?

We will set up a call so that we can go through everything you need to outsource. It's a seamless process

Do I have to provide my login & Passwords

Typically yes. For us to access your workload, this would need to be provided.

When do I get Billed?

You will be sent an invoice at the end of each month which will need to be paid within 7 days.

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