Slate Hearth FAQ's

Can we visit you to see the hearth before ordering online?


  1. Can we view the hearth before ordering online? Yes you can, we keep a number of hearths at our warehouse in Milton Keynes, just get in touch if you want to come over and we will make sure there a a few to view

  2. Can I collect for a reduced price? Yes you can, we offer a collect price of £75 including VAT from our warehouse in Milton Keynes 

  3. I am a trade buyer and I am looking for a regular supply, is that possible? Yes of course , we supply to may trade customers, for bulk pricing please get in touch with our office and we can explain the options available

  4. Is the slate easy to cut? Slate at 20mm thick is easy enough to cut with an angle grinder that is fitted with a diamond tipped blade. Check out this video for an overview 

  5. Your prices are very competitive - how do you do this and keep to your quality? Good question, we have a shared production facility in Brazil which allows us to keep our costs very low and offer UK customers a really big bang for you buck. In addition increasingly more customers are finding it more cost effective to cut the slate on site if your requirement is reasonably straight-forward.

  6. Is slate durable? Yes its very durable and resilient, we only sell Brazilian slate for this reason as other imported slates do not have the same qualities.

  7.  Are slate hearths easy to clean? In short yes, simply dust off ay ash with a dustpan and brush and use soapy water to wash it down. Finish by cleaning with clean water to take remove the soapy  solution and ensure that its clean and dry. To bring the slate back to that "new" appearance apply some teak to the surface - don't allow the oil to pool on the surface